“An absorbing, affecting, well-performed look at several years in the life of Sara Góralnik.” –  Los Angeles Times


Based on

The true life-story of 13-year-old Sara Góralnik.

After escaping a Jewish Ghetto in Poland and losing her family at the outset of the Holocaust, Sara hides in plain sight, passing as an Orthodox Christian in the Ukrainian countryside, where she is taken in by a farmer and his young wife. She soon discovers the dark secrets of her employers’ marriage, compounding the greatest secret she must strive to protect, her true identity.

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In June of 1941, Sara Góralnik was just 11 years old when the German Army invaded her hometown of Korets, in present-day Ukraine. Prior to the war, Korets was part of an independent Poland which encompassed the eastern territory of Ukraine, home to a thriving Jewish community whose history in the region goes back over 1,000 years. There, Jews forged a burgeoning merchant-class that in some of the provinces such as Volyn, where Korets sits, comprised as much as two-thirds of the local population.
At the time, eastern Poland was a true melting pot where Jews, Polish Catholics and Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Christians cohabitated in relative peace for centuries. Jews were the commercial backbone of the area and flourished as tradesmen; the local Ukrainian farmers however, did not fare as well. Poorly educated, oppressed by the Polish nobility and starved by the Soviets during the great famine of the 1930’s, Ukrainians suffered greatly for decades, an agony that cultivated a deep resentment towards the upwardly mobile Jewish population. By the time the Nazis invaded in 1941, many Ukrainians greeted their German liberators with open arms and welcomed a cleansing of their Jewish neighbors from the region.

Cast & Crew

Zuzanna Surowy – Sara

Zuzanna was discovered during an open casting call across 6 cities in Poland where she was chosen from over 650 other amateur actresses. Prior to being cast as the lead role of Sara, Zuzanna had no acting experience. She still attends high school in her native region of Silesia Poland.

Michalina Olszańska – Nadia

Michalina is a Polish actress and writer, having published two novels as a teenager. She received the Minsk International Film Festival Award for best leading actress in 2016 and the Czech Film Critics’ Award for best actress in 2017, for her role in “I, Olga Hepnarová.” Michalina starred in the Netflix original Polish-language series “1983,” which premiered worldwide in 2018.

Eryk Lubos – Pavlo

Eryk is a Polish actor of screen, stage and opera. He was named Best Actor at the 2012 Karlovy Vary Film Festival, and received the Golden Lions Award at the Gdynia Film Festival for supporting role and is a recipient of the Zbigniew Cybulski prize for Best Polish Actor of the Young Generation.

Steven Oritt – Director / Producer

Steven is an American director who began working in music videos and moved into documentaries with his feature-length debut “American Native” which earned best director/documentary awards at the 2015 Manchester International Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival and Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival. Steven then launched James Lucy Productions which is currently developing an episodic series for AMC Networks, recently completed Steven’s follow-up documentary “Accidental Climber,” as well as Steven’s feature debut, “My Name is Sara.”


Justyna Pawlak – Producer

Justyna has over 20 years of professional experience for numerous feature film, television and commercial productions, working for top Polish production houses like: Opus Film, Akson Studio, SF Zebra, SF TOR, Graffiti Film and TV stations: TVN, Polsat, TVP. Her international credits include cooperation with directors Steven Spielberg, Peter Greeneway and Aaron Schneider. Justyna is currently Head of Production at Watchout Studio located in Warsaw, Poland.

David Himmelstein

David Himmelstein – Screenwriter

David is a former journalist whose produced film scripts have ranged from politics to sports to horror and suspense. He has written screenplays for such esteemed directors as Sidney Lumet, John Carpenter and Joel Schumacher.

Marian Prokop

Marian Prokop – Cinematographer

Marian Prokop started his artistic career over 30 years ago. Today he is one of the most accomplished Polish cinematographers, with an enormous experience gained on sets of both Polish and international features, TV series and hundreds of commercials. Marian is a multiple award winner and nominee for his work as a cinematographer (Golden Frog at Camerimage International Film Festival, Golden Lion at Gdynia Film Festival, numerous nominations for Polish Film Awards – Eagles). 

Marek Zawierucha

Marek Zawierucha – Production Designer

Marek graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and is one of the most respected production designers in the Polish film industry today. He has worked with such acclaimed filmmakers as Agnieszka Holland, Jerzy Skolimowski, Malgorzata Szumowska and Wojtek Smarzowski. His awards include the prize for best art direction at the 2008 Gdynia Film Festival and the 2017 Polish Film Orły Awards. best art direction for “Wolyn,”

Agnieszka Glinksa

Agnieszka Glinksa – Editor

Agnieszka is a member of the Polish Association of Editors (PSM), Polish Film Academy (PAF) and European Film Academy (EFA). She was awarded Best Editing at the 2015 Gdynia film festival for “The Here After” by Magnus von Horn and “11 Minutes” by Jerzy Skolimowski. In 2016 she was awarded the Polish Film Orły Prize for Best Editing of “11 Minutes.” Her work on the 2017 documentary “Communion” by Anna Zamecka, earned her the Best European Documentary award, and culminated in being shortlisted for the Oscars.

Lukasz Targosz

Lukasz Targosz – Composer



January 12, 2020 – Miami Jewish Film Festival (North American Premiere)

Audience Award for Best Narrative Film

November 24, 2019 – Warsaw Jewish Film Festival  (Closing Night Film) 

Grand Prix Award Winner & Best Actress Award for Zuzanna Surowy

November 23, 2019 – International Film Festival Of India (Asian Premiere) 

Centenary Award Nomination for the Best Debut Feature Film

November 20, 2019 – Castellinaria Youth Film Festival (Swiss Premiere) 

Golden Castle & Arturo Award Winner


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